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Welcome to the Flathead Valley Business Directory!

The Flathead Guide is the official Flathead Valley Business Directory™. Maybe you have seen it on Facebook or heard about it on the radio, but you don't know how the Flathead Guide can benefit your business. We list companies (like yours), local events and visitor information for northwest Montana where you will find local businesses, shopping, restaurants, lodging, products, services and things to do and see in the Flathead Valley. You have questions - this page explains everything. For the complete story, click the arrows

Okay, so what is the Flathead GuideClick

The Flathead Guide is the Official Flathead Valley Business Directory

  • The Flathead Valley Business Directory is a smartphone-optimized resource for the entire Flathead Valley.  This means it can be viewed easily on mobile phones and Tablet PCs (unlike standard websites)
  • 100% Search Engine Optimized and promoted heavily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & offline media like radio and print.
  • Hyper-Local to the Flathead (unlike other social sites like Yelp or FourSquare, etc.)
  • It provides very valuable links to your website (Google likes this a lot - and it can help your primary site rank better in search results)

Join other businesses like yours that recognize the value of being listed in the Flathead Guide!

Companies you do business with, your friends and your competitiors are listing with the Flathead Guide every day.  Heare are a few of our 'Featured Listings':

Gardner's RV Valley Ford J2 Office Products Cafe Max Plumbing Inc. Computer Doctor •  Great Northern Dental Care Replay Sports Beckman’s Fine Furnishings Complete Restoration, LLC Kalispell Foot & Ankle Clinic Northern Rockies Outfitters JMK Photography Big Sky Electric Custom Rifles Cold Stone Creamery Americas Best Value Inn Montana Log Homes Stillwater Spine & Sports Center Essential Accounting LouLa’s Café Bob’s Appliance Repair Flathead Lake Fishing Charter and many, many more...

Don't just take my word for it, see what our customers are saying about the Flathead Guide (read testimonials).

Why list your business in the Flathead Valley Business Directory  Click

Because you do business here in the Flathead!

  • Your listing is like having a new stand-alone ‘mobile-ready’ website for your business
  • 94% of smartphone users search for local information
  • 66% access the internet at least once daily from their smartphone

While you were busy building your business last year... a remarkable thing occured, people began to abandon their PCs and laptops and rely on their smartphones for Internet access. 25% of the visitors to your website TODAY are trying to view it on a smartphone.

This smartphone trend was the driving force behind the creation of the "Flathead Business Directory", a smartphone-optimized listing of businesses, events, attractions and tourist information for the entire Flathead Valley.

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if you advertise offline, be aware that 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing or hearing an offline ad (newspaper, radio, television, magazines, etc.).  Source
  • Usage of QR Codes is increasing daily. You’re seeing them everywhere; newspaper ads, in magazines, outdoor billboards, brochures, business cards and virtually all print media are using ‘QR Codes’.
  • Do it for the link! Strong 'LOCAL' backlinks pointing to your primary website are one of the best things you can do to boost your site in search results. Over time, it can mean the difference between being on page one of Google or page 12 - and NOBODY goes past page one.

What does a listing include?  Click

Your listing is actually a "mini website"

  • Your Control Panel editor lets you create and format your mobile-friendly presentation with text, photos and links to important pages
  • Upload photos for a slideshow
  • Google map to your location
  • Links to your main website
  • 'Tap to call' phone number & email
  • Your social site links, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Mobile users are looking for two pieces of information; your location and how to contact you.

Millions of tourists and our Canadian friends visit NW Montana  Click

Help them find you!

  • Our visitors are not dragging their laptops with them - they now use smartphones!
  • There are 5 times more mobile phones than computers.
  • It is estimated that smartphones will become the #1 access device to the Internet; that's more than every desktop, laptop and notebook on the planet. Oh yeah, that's supposed to happen by 2014!

How much does a listing cost?  Click

Best advertising/promotional value anywhere!

  • A basic listing is only $1 for the first month, and then $4 per mo. (billed annually)
  • per mo. (billed annually)
  • per mo. (billed annually)

Why so inexpensive?

This isn't "inexpensive"... it's dirt cheap!  Where can you advertise for $4 a month?  Seriously, bleeding you for everything we could get was not the objective.  Our company, The Webunet Group, has been helping other local businesses with their online marketing efforts for years. Many of your friends and neighboring businesses are clients of ours.

Getting traction online is every company's greatest marketing challenge today and leveraging the smartphone trend means that we can help all businesses improve their search results and traffic to their websites.

A rising tide lifts all ships“…our efforts to promote the Flathead Guide and attract targeted traffic means that more people will be introduced to your business.

This is NOT another 'one-shot' advertising buy...
it’s an ongoing, daily promotional campaign.

  Check out our "Done 4 U" offer  Click

You're busy & you're not an SEO expert - (but I am).

I will create and optimize your listing for $65...FREE!

The Flathead Guide is new this year, and we want to scale it up quickly. The faster we grow it, the better it stands out in search results - that benefits YOU!

We will create your listing for you, optimize it for search and add the information that mobile visitors want to see - for a one-time fee of only $65.00 FREE.  All you need to do is open an account and add a few bits of information as shown below.

If you accept our 'Done 4 U' offer, it isn't necessary that this page be completed - we'll take care of that and optimize everything.  We will get everything we need (photos, text, etc.) from your main website.  Just add these few basics...

  1. Open an account here:
  2. After account is opened, click "Add New Listing" on the menu bar
    • Choose a Category
    • Add your Business Name
    • Add your Business Physical Address - Click "Set Address on Map"

    Important - Choose Your Listing Options:

    The only other thing you need to do is select listing options (at bottom of page)

    Click the "Choose Listing Options" button.

    Select "Home Page" and/or "Category Page" (check box at bottom)

    That's all there is to it!

    1. Click the "Review Your Listing" buttom (at bottom) and check-out via Pay-Pal
    2. We will be notified that you have opened an account and we'll do the rest.
      Oh yeah, be sure to include your main website URL.
    3. After your listing is published we will send you an email to review your listing.

    Please Note: This offer is open to 'paid' ($4 per mo) listings. 

    Or...just email me and tell me to make it happen.

    I will crerate your account, add your listing and send you an invoice for your annual $4 monthly listing when all is completed. Send me your email.

Summary  Click

Get Listed - Get Found - Get More Sales!

Add your business listing (click here) ($1 first month, $4 per mo. afterwards, billed annually)

Accept our $65.00 FREE 'Done 4 U' offer - set up your account - we'll do the rest!
(Note, this is for basic or featured paid listings only.)

The Flathead Guide will capture many of those mobile searches and show them your mobile-optimized information. Even if you don’t have a mobile-ready website, people can email or call your phone directly from your listing without ever visiting your website.

The BEST thing you can do to boost your website in search results!

Spend your promotional dollars where consumers spend most of their time and are most influenced. Today, your customers spend their time on their smartphones!

Put the Flathead Guide to work for you!

Let us help you find the people who are looking for you.




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