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FREE Mobile Friendly Website

Free Mobile Website for All Flathead Valley Businesses

Make your website display properly on all mobile devices - get a mobile friendly website for FREE!

Why you MUST have a mobile website…right_now

If your website is not “mobile friendly”, you are losing business!

More than 25% of your traffic is now coming from mobile devices! That means 1 in 4 visitors to your website are trying to view it on a mobile device. And, more than half of all Internet searches for LOCAL products and services are performed from mobile devices. So, what does “mobile-friendly” mean? The geeks call it “Responsive”, which means that your website responds properly and displays your site correctly on any device from a desktop to tablet PCs and smartphones.

A mobile friendly website is imperative for Flathead Valley businesses

Due to our tremendous number of tourist that visit the Flathead, it is crucial that our websites are smartphone-ready.  Because our visitors are not dragging their laptops with them; they now use smartphones and tablets. If you want to maximize your traffic and increase sales, take advantage of this special “FREE Mobile Website” offer below!

First, some mindboggling mobile statistics

Watch this short video to learn what’s going on, and what you can do to leverage this mobile trend and increase your business today – but only if you have a smartphone-friendly website…

Watch this video about mobile market data

Consider these astounding mobile web facts…

  • 85% of Americans are never more than three feet from their cell phones
  • 50% of U.S. cellphone users have smartphones
  • 25% of consumers engage in online shopping only via mobile
  • 40% of consumers will go to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience
  • 65% of mobile users said they used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase
  • 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online
  • 64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile sites more favorably
  • 47% of consumers confirm they use their smartphone to search for local information, such as information about a local store they want to visit
  • 74 million consumers in the United States already shop from their mobile devices
  • Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites
  • 78-84% of consumers now rely on their social networks when researching new products
  • By 2015, mobile internet will surpass desktop internet usage
  • Mobile barcode scanning increased 1,600% in 2010 and have risen every year


Why you really need to solve this problem ASAP

Imagine if someone stood outside the door to your business and blocked every fourth person from entering. That is what could be happening with your mobile online visitors. If they can’t access your website conveniently, they will hit the back button. Losing 1 out of 4 customers could kill most businesses.

Have doubts? Standard websites look horrible on a smartphone! This 30 second video shows exactly what a ‘normal’ website looks like on a mobile phone.

See this short video!

Still not convinced? See what your website looks like on a smartphone; visit our “Smartphone Simulator“.

Okay, so you now recognize what’s happening and realize that you need to do something. So, do you spend the time and money to convert your entire website to a responsive site, or is there a faster, less expensive solution?

The answer is YES, the Flathead Guide provides all member businesses with a FREE mobile-friendly listing that can serve as your mobile site for your main website. Just one of the many benefits of being listed in the Flathead Guide (see all listing benefits).

Flathead Guide Mobile Marketing Solution

Get a FREE mobile ready website with your Flathead Guide listing

The Flathead Guide is a smartphone-optimized digital directory for all businesses in the Flathead Valley – and especially those who cater to the millions of visitors we see every year. The Flathead Guide may become one of your best sources of new business!

Advertising and promotion are necessary to build your brand and create top-of-mind awareness, but today the world revolves around search. The Flathead Guide is about “Search Marketing“. If you want to capture people’s attention you must be positioned better than your competitors in search results. The Flathead Guide is a tactical online marketing campaign for 2014 and beyond.

Your Flathead Guide listing is an essential piece of your marketing mix

The Flathead Guide is an “authority website“, meaning that search engines place value on our links pointing to other sites (like yours). One of THE destination websites in the Flathead with a huge social media footprint that drives traffic and adds juice to your listing. Our related social sites include:

  • YouTube Channel with over 490,000+ video views
  • Pinterest Followers 1,500+ (one of the largest NW Montana Pinterest boards)
  • Facebook Fans 1,100+ (and counting more every day)
  • Twitter over 500+ (mostly local) followers
  • Our network of related social sites drive significant traffic to the Flathead Guide

How much does it cost to be listed?

Hold on to your hat…a basic listing is only $4.00 per month (paid annually).  You read that right, for about the cost of a gallon of gas each month, your company can be listed on the Flathead’s premier smartphone optimized business directory, the Flathead Guideand your mobile-friendly website is FREE!

The Flathead Guide provides all member businesses with a FREE mobile-friendly listing

No catch, just a snippet of code on your website can make your Flathead Guide listing serve as your mobile friendly website. When a smartphone or Tablet PC visits your site, the code detects the screen size and when required, serves up your mobile optimized listing from our site.

Huge benefits!

Launching a mobile website that is compelling to your visitors is only part of the equation. An equally important component is having your site search engine-optimized so that you can attract targeted visitors to your site ‘organically’. THAT is the tricky part and if that SEO piece is missing…. your website can be invisible to Google.  Our mobile-ready solution includes custom search optimization on all business listings.

Oh, did I mention that our company has been doing search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO since the last century? In fact, in 2010 I wrote the book called the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide“.



Add your business listing to the Flathead Guide (the official Flathead Valley Business Directory), which is optimized for mobile. Your listing functions like a stand-alone ‘mini website’ and you can include virtually anything you have on your main website. Add photos, a video, an unlimited text description, all your contact information, a Google map to your location, links to your website and blog and all major social sites like Facebook & Twitter, etc. Essentially, you will create a mobile-friendly website giving visitors everything they need to know about your business.


We will send you a ‘script’ via email to insert in your website that will automatically redirect mobile visitors to your Flathead Guide listing. Or, you can have your webmaster use any ‘redirect’ script of their choosing. Once this is in place, a visitor using a smartphone or a Tablet PC will automatically be redirected to your mobile-friendly Flathead Guide ‘mini website’. You get your business listed in our local business directory, with tons of marketing & SEO benefits, and you solve your mobile website dilemma. BTW, did we mention that we will create your listing at no cost?

We will do it for you!

Don’t have the time?

The Webunet Group will build a custom, search engine optimized, mobile-ready listing for your business! We can get everything we need from your existing website (Facebook page, etc.) and turn around your project usually within a day. You (or your webmaster) will add a “Browser Re-Direct script” to your website that will automatically send smartphones to your mobile site. A few of the features you’ll have include:

The Webunet Group can build a custom, search engine optimized, mobile-ready website for you!

Tell us you want the “DONE 4 U” special!
Send us an email with your web address & your Facebook link & we’ll handle the details!

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: The “DONE 4 U” special is limited to building your Flathead Guide business listing and providing the ‘redirect code’ to you upon your request. It does not include installing the code on your website. You will be supplied with a Username & Password so that you can login at any time to make edits or add new information to your listing. After we have finished your listing, you may send one email with all changes/edits/photos, etc. that you want made to the listing we created; additional changes may incur a labor fee. After your listing has been created we will email an invoice for the $4 per month Flathead Guide listing fee (billed annually). See our Terms & conditions here.