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Why You Need the Flathead Guide


The Flathead Valley Business Directory™ is your #1 Promotional Value

Getting traffic to your website is critical, and it is one of the most challenging things you must do. Your listing in our smartphone-optimized directory not only gives you a strong local link, but also captures mobile users who are searching for your business.

Advertising can be effective, but it's shelf-life is limited by the size of your budget. On the other hand, your listing in the Flathead Guide works for you 24 x 7 x 365 and costs pennies per day. There is NO greater value.

Welcome to the ‘Flathead Guide‘

The Flathead Guide is a new smartphone-optimized directory for all businesses in the Flathead Valley – and especially those who cater to the millions of visitors we see every year. The Flathead Guide may well become one of your best sources of new business!

  • A listing in the guide is like having an additional ‘mobile-ready’ website for your business
  • 100% Search Engine Optimized
  • Promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and advertised locally
  • Hyper-Local to the Flathead area (unlike other social sites like Yelp or FourSquare, etc.)
  • Smartphones are the new Internet access tool and your customers are looking for you
  • Check out the Flathead’s newest promotion tool at

‘Local mobile search’ is a game changer

Because the Flathead is a popular tourist destination, most businesses get excited about all those visitors and their insatiable appetites for all things Montana, but don’t forget your local customers.  They are part of this smartphone revolution and they are also searching for information – and deals using their phones.

The Flathead Guide can help you maximize mobile

Your listing in the Flathead Guide is like having an additional mobile-friendly website routing traffic and phone calls to your business. Our highly-optimized website will help you attract people searching for your type of business.

Okay, so what does “mobile-friendly” actually mean?

It means that when viewed on a smartphone or tablet PC, a webpage is sized properly – text and photos are legible and fit the screen, and tapping a phone number dials the call. 

Regular websites look terrible on a small screen.

The text and pictures are too small, you need to scroll left to right and up and down to read anything. It means that when visitors land on a site that is not mobile-friendly – they leave!

The Flathead Guide works for YOU!

When our visitors arrive they will need every imaginable product and service found in the Flathead Valley.  They will want to find everything from restaurants, medical resources, water sports rentals, RV facilities, movies, saloons, shopping boutiques and car dealers to dog friendly hotels.  In short, our visitors will be looking for YOUR business.

Why list your business in the Flathead Guide?

Because you do business here in the Flathead!

You already have a local customer base and like the rest of us, you’re always trying to attract new business. Hundreds of thousands of people in northwest Montana shop and do business in the Flathead Valley, and they are using their smartphones more than ever. They are no longer looking for you in the phone book, the newspaper or other traditional advertising media.  They search for you online and they want to see a mobile-friendly presentation.  Your listing in the Flathead Guide means that they will have yet another high-profile site from which to find your business.

  • 94% of smartphone users look for local information
  • There are 91.4 million smartphones in the United States alone
  • 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing or hearing an offline ad (newspaper, radio, television, magazines, etc.).

Use of QR Codes Increasing Daily

We see them everywhere; newspaper ads, in magazines, outdoor billboards, brochures, business cards and virtually all print media are using ‘QR Codes’.  These strange looking images talk to smartphones and people are using them to skip to websites, get product information or redeem coupons. They are part of doing business in 2013 and you need to include their functionality in your marketing mix.

Google benefits

A link form the Flathead Guide provides valuable “Google juice” to your main website. This can help your primary website achieve better ranking in search results.

Top 10 Reasons why the Flathead Guide is so valuable for your marketing efforts

  1. It’s like having an additional stand-alone website for your business
  2. 100% Search Engine Optimized
  3. Hyper-Local to the Flathead area (unlike other resources like Yelp or FourSquare, etc.)
  4. You can features photos and videos in your business listing
  5. Include links to your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  6. A Google map provides directions to your business
  7. Your personal Control Panel – login anytime and update your listing, add coupons, special deals
  8. Heavily promoted on Twitter, Facebook and other online and offline resources
  9. Promoted in local print advertising
  10. In 2012, more people bought a smartphone than a PC.
    Mobile is the new Internet access device.

Get listed – get found – get more sales!

Put the Flathead Guide to work for you.  Let us help you find the people who are looking for you.  It all happens when your listing in the guide goes live (usually in 1 day).  Plus, if you want to add a smartphone optimized feature to your website, we can help you with that too!

What is just one new customer worth to your business?

Every customer is important, and their value can be measured by one sale or a lifetime of purchases. What is the impact on your business when you obtain one new customer; $20, $200, $20,000?  If 25% of your visitors are accessing your website today from a smartphone, you cannot afford to have them leave because they can’t view your site properly.

How much does it cost to be listed?

Hold on to your hat…a BASIC listing is only $4.00 per month (paid annually).  You read that right, for about the cost of a gallon of gas, your company can be listed on the Flathead’s premier smartphone optimized business guide, the Flathead GuideFOR ONE WHOLE YEAR!  Plus, for a few dollars more you can choose to ‘feature’ your listing in your business category and on the home page.

Oh, did I mention that the first month is only $1… one buck to get started?


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