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Why your website is just not enough!

Advertising and promotion is such a tricky business and there just doesn’t seem to be one solution that fits every business.  Some companies swear by the effectiveness of their radio or TV advertising while others get the best results from print publications.

Regardless of whether you swear by it…or at it, marketing our businesses is a challenge for all of us. Readers of this blog and long-term clients of mine have heard me preach about the value of the Flathead Guide as an important part of the marketing mix.  You have heard me talk about the value of search marketing and getting strong local links to your website.

Does the Flathead Guide really attract new customers?

Not only does the Flathead Guide attract prospects that are searching for your business, it can sometimes do a better job than your primary website.  Below is a screen capture from my Google Analytics report showing that Gardner’s RV received 15 visitors to their Flathead Guide listing in the past 30 days.


Obviously, 15 visitors isn’t going to break any traffic records, but those are 15 visitors that found Gardner’s RV listing that did not see (or choose) their primary website in their search results.  We don’t know if any of those clicks resulted in the sale of a $100,000 RV or a $500 service call, but we do know that Gardner’s captured 15 new prospects’ attention from their Flathead Guide listing.

What is just ONE new prospect worth to your business?

To some businesses, one sale can be $10, $100 or $100,000, and the cost to acquire one prospect can range from pennies to hundreds or thousands of dollars in advertising costs. If Gardner’s was using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, those 15 clicks could have cost anywhere from $15 to $75 or more, yet Gardner’s paid only $4 for that month-long listing.

People are searching for YOUR business

Some will never find your website while others may see it on page one of Google depending on the keyword phrase they searched upon.  Still others may be using a smartphone and are receiving totally different results that you see on your desktop PC.

This is just one area where the Flathead Guide can help your business by offering a mobile-friendly presentation of your business that is optimized for smartphones.  Since Google now displays different search results for mobile devices than it does for PCs, this becomes extremely important.

Spend $4 a month and find some new customers!

The Flathead Guide may just be the best advertising/promotional option available at any price. At only $4 per month it can be the least expensive source of new traffic that you can find.  And remember, the link from your listing to your primary website can actually help to elevate your site in search results.


What is just ONE new customer worth to your business?

Don’t put it off, add your business to the Flathead Guide today and let us start prospecting for your new customers. Get all the facts and sign up!




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