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What do these businesses know that you don't?

NW Montana gets 2.3+ million annual visitors and we have 91,000+ local consumers; when they are
ready-to-buy they will search for your business online...

What if they can't find your website?

  1. Do you know if you are doing enough of the right things to get your website valued by Google?
  2. Would you like to attract new customers and make your phone ring more often?
  3. Do you want your website to rank higher in search results and get more traffic?

Don't buy any advertising until you digest the info on this page!

While you were busy managing your business... an interesting thing has occurred. People began to abandon their PCs and laptop computers and rely on their smartphones and Tablet PCs for Internet access. Today, as much as 50% or more of the visitors to your website are accessing it from a smartphone or Tablet!

Conventional Advertising is no longer enough;
today you must optimize to leverage SEARCH results!

Advertising alone will no longer get the job done; today we must optimize for online SEARCH! Two major shifts in communications have transformed the laws of advertising and promotion. The first was the Internet being released to the public in the early 90s; the second being the recent meteoric rise of smartphone and Tablet PCs. These technologies have become ubiquitous providing constant connectivity to the Internet. As a result most of your prospective customers...

  • Do not use newspapers to find sales, product deals or even suggestions about where to eat
  • They don't use the phone book to locate a business address or find a phone number
  • People no longer rely on printed maps to get directions
People search online when they need to solve a problem, get information, or want to buy something.

Online product searchUnless your name is Harley-Davidson, Apple or another household brand, people search for "products, services, solutions and topics" rather than company names. As a result, 'Search marketing' has now become the most effective form of marketing and promotion by default.

Everything you know about advertising has changed; the laws of marketing and promotion have been rewritten!

In business, luck is defined as “doing enough of the right things – right!”

Having a compelling website is one of those right things, but unless you are doing some other right things to market your website and attract visitors effectively, you will need to rely on luck for people to find it. Having a website means that yours is just one of a 600+ million other sites. To get found in search results, you must do enough of the right things to get the attention of the search engines.

Promoting a business of any kind is often a hit or miss proposition. Choosing the best media outlet, creating a compelling ad, picking the right images, ad sizes and all the other variables can turn a simple advertising project into an epic nightmare.

The Internet is an all-encompassing black hole that sucks in all the information from every media source creating a sea of knowledge that can be tapped by a simple search query from anyone on the planet. That mind-boggling limitless intelligence resource is your busines's biggest marketing challenge today.

Even if your advertising message connects, most people will immediately go to the Internet for additional information. They may want to know your hours of operation, your location or to learn more about your advertised offer. Unless you are doing enough of the right things to market your business correctly online, your advertising may do nothing more than introduce prospects to your competitors.

Google has just complicated things (again)

Google released their latest algorithm update in April of this year (2015) and people are calling it “Mobilegeddon” because it is programmed to favor sites that are “mobile-friendly.” This means that many of the top sites in every niche may find themselves slipping in search results below (less popular) mobile friendly websites. Your online marketing strategy must include mobile-friendly resources!

Why is Google doing this?

Because as much as 50% - 60% of online traffic now comes from mobile devices and this will only increase.  The millions of visitors to Montana this year will not be dragging their laptops with them. They will have their smartphones and Tablet PCs, and they will use their mobile devices to find everything! From restaurants and hotels to camping facilities; bike and boat rentals and auto repair shops to medical services and where to find beer, coffee or groceries. In short, they will search online for everything and if they can’t find your website – you will lose business.

Since Google appeared on the scene, the one thing that they value above most other SEO factors is the quality of links pointing to a website. In other words, if a link from a strong local 'authority' website points to your website, your site can actually rank higher in search results. We have a solution that is powerful and ridiculously affordable.

We both know what you really want - and what you need

  • You want new customers
  • You want prospective customers to be able to find you online
  • You want to attract more smartphone and Tablet PC users
  • You want to improve your rank in search results
  • You want to make more sales and grow your business
  • You need an effective, inexpensive marketing solution!

So why should you listen to me?

Tom Heatherington, Editor Flathead GuideMy name is Tom Heatherington and I have been in the Internet business since Al Gore invented it back in 1993. I co-founded one of America’s first ISPs in Dallas, Texas and I have authored two Internet business books. I am also an SEO & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) expert. You probably know many of my local clients… Valley Ford, J2 Office Products, Replay Sports, KGEZ Radio, Valley Recycling and scores of other local companies. Additionally, I am the owner/editor of the Flathead Guide.

My company has been publishing and marketing online since 1993.  My family lives here in the Flathead; this is our home and like you, our workplace. Learn more about the Webunet Group. The Flathead Guide is a Vietnam Veteran-Owned business.

The Webunet Group is a consulting firm to small business specializing in SEO, SEM, SMM and online marketing. Our mission is to help our clients get more targeted buyers to their website. We focus on SEO best practices, creative copywriting and keyword utilization, video production, mobile web and content related link building. I know a little about this madness we call "Internet Marketing".

The good news for Flathead businesses

The state of Montana is doing all the heavy lifting – they’re bringing the tourists here. You need to make sure that people can find your business online. You can spend thousands on conventional media, but you need to invest only $4 per month with the Flathead Guide and have the best chance of meeting your future customers on their smartphones….where they hang out 24x7!

In 2014 alone, Montana’s 11 million visitors spent almost $4 billion dollars. Virtually every business in the Flathead benefits from this increase in tourism and the 2.3 million people who will visit northwest Montana this year. A listing in the Flathead Guide will help strengthen your advertising and help attract new customers.

Introducing the 'Flathead Guide'

Millions of tourists visit the Flathead Valley every year!The Flathead Guide has grown to become the official Flathead Valley Business Directory™. Maybe you have seen us on Facebook or heard about us on the radio, but you're still not sure how the Flathead Guide can benefit your business. You have questions - this page explains everything.

What exactly is the Flathead Guide?

The Flathead Guide is a smartphone-optimized digital directory for all businesses in the Flathead Valley – and especially those who cater to the millions of visitors we see every year. The Flathead Guide could very well become one of your best sources of new business!

Why add your business to the Flathead Guide?

Because you do business here in the Flathead!

  • 94% of smartphone users search for local information
  • 66% access the internet at least once daily from their phone
  • You have a limited advertising budget
  • You don’t have time to play the social media game
  • You are tired of empty promises by advertising sales people
  • You don’t know who you can trust; what's real and what's hype

It's simply really, you want more customers!

You already have a local customer base and like the rest of us, you are always trying to attract new business. Millions of visitors and tens of thousands of people in northwest Montana shop and do business in the Flathead Valley - and they are using their smartphones more than ever. The Flathead Guide will help you attract more of these ready-to-buy customers!

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if you advertise offline, be aware that 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing or hearing an offline ad (newspaper, radio, television, magazines, etc.).
  • QR Code for the Flathead GuideUsage of QR Codes increasing daily. You’re seeing them everywhere; newspaper ads, in magazines, outdoor billboards, brochures, business cards and virtually all print media are using ‘QR Codes’.
  • Do it for the link!  Strong 'LOCAL' links pointing to your primary website are one of the best things you can do to boost your site in search results. Over time, it can mean the difference between being on page one of Google or page 120 - and NOBODY goes past page one.
  • Do it to get new customers. the Flathead Guide receives thousands of visitors every month. These are people who searched for a product or service and clicked on the Flathead Guide's link in search results.

The benefits are HUGE!

Unlike an ad in conventional print media (a one-shot deal), your listing in the Flathead Guide works for you 24x7x365. And, your link from the Flathead Guide can help your main website rank higher in search results. The single best thing you can do to grow your brick and mortar business is to increase traffic to your website and make it perform better in search. Your future customers will check you out online first ~ BEFORE ~ they consider visiting your store. That's where we can help!

There is no better promotional value in the Flathead!

In addition to helping your website rank higher in search, the Flathead Guide can be a huge resource in sending you new customers. Every month some of our listings receive hundreds of page views and click-throughs to their website. Plus, with the “Tap to Call’ feature of your listing, many people will see your listing, tap your phone number and be talking to you instantly.

Advertising is a lot like fishing…

Just being out on the water does not guarantee you will catch any fish. You need the right fishing gear and “bait” – but most importantly…you gotta fish where the fish are! Today, your customers live online – on their smartphones and tablets.

If you do business in Kalispell, Whitefish, Bigfork or anywhere in the Flathead Valley, and you want to attract some of the millions of tourists that visit us each year, you must be marketing to capture mobile traffic.

A listing in the Flathead Guide is like having an additional mobile-friendly, stand-alone website routing traffic and phone calls to your business. We can help you attract people searching for YOUR business.

Your advertising does not reach those searching for you!

BulletYou advertise to find customers

BulletYou want to reach more local buyers

BulletYou need to attract more of the
millions of visitors to the Flathead

They are searching for your website from their smartphones.

To capture these searches you need strong local links pointing to your website. Nothing is better than having a mobile-friendly, search engine optimized listing in the Flathead Valley Business Directory™.

Advertising is Good, Search Marketing is Better

Attracting customers at the exact moment they are “ready to buy” is the point of search marketing – and is the most effective way to grow a business. Think about it this way… If you own a tire store, you could buy a full page ad in the newspaper every day. However, I guarantee that when John or Mary needs to buy tires, they will NOT reach for the newspaper; they will search online for deals and a local tire store.

Why you need to be listed in the Flathead Guide

Tourists / Locals

Millions of tourists travel to the Flathead every year and today these consumers are looking for your products and services on their smartphones & tablets.

Get prepared for mobile marketing

Mobile Friendly

Because 50% of your website visitors (today) could be mobile; they want to see a mobile friendly listing of your products and services - or they will go away.

SEO by the Webunet Group

Search Results

Your link from the Flathead Guide (a strong local authority website) can actually help your primary website rank higher in search results.


The Flathead Guide is not an advertising buy...

Advertising and promotion are necessary to build your brand and create top-of-mind awareness, but today the world revolves around search. The Flathead Guide is about "Search Marketing". If you want to capture people’s attention you must be positioned better than your competitors in search results. The Flathead Guide is a tactical online marketing campaign for 2015 and beyond.

The problem with advertising is that you pay for a one-shot advertising campaign and who reads a two-day old newspaper? Whereas your Flathead Guide listing works for you 24 x 7 x 365 and it costs less than a fast food lunch.

Top 10 Reasons why this is so valuable to your marketing efforts

  1. It’s like having an additional stand-alone, mobile-friendly mini website for your business
  2. 100% Search Engine Optimized
  3. Hyper-Local to the Flathead area (unlike other resources like Yelp or FourSquare, etc.)
  4. You can features photos and videos in your business listing
  5. Include links to all your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  6. A Google map provides directions to your location
  7. Your personal Control Panel – login anytime and update your listing, add coupons, special deals
  8. Heavily promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and other online and offline resources
  9. Promoted in print advertising
  10. Las year more people bought a smartphone than a PC. Mobile is the new Internet access device.

Businesses like yours that see the value of being in the Flathead Guide!

See local companies in the Flathead Guide

Local companies you do business with, your friends and your competitors are listing with the Flathead Guide every day. A few of our 'Featured Listings' include:

Gardner's RVValley FordJ2 Office ProductsWithey’s Health FoodsHomewood SuitesPlumbing Inc.Computer Doctor •  Replay SportsBeckman’s Fine FurnishingsComplete Restoration, LLCKalispell Foot & Ankle ClinicNorthern Rockies OutfittersMorgan PhotographyBig Sky ElectricCustom RiflesCold Stone CreameryAmericas Best Value InnMontana Log HomesStillwater Spine & Sports CenterEssential AccountingLouLa’s CaféBob’s Appliance RepairFlathead Lake Fishing Charterand many, many more...

How much does it cost for a Flathead Guide listing?

Cheaper than a box of cerealHold on to your hat…a featured listing is only $4.00 per month (billed annually).  You read that right, for about the cost of a box of cereal each month, your company can be listed on the Flathead’s premier smartphone optimized business directory, the Flathead Guide.  Plus, for a few dollars more you can choose to ‘feature’ your listing on your business category and on our home page. Click here to add your business to the Flathead Guide. And...

"Done 4 U" offer - I will do the SEO

You're busy, and you're not an SEO expert - (but I am).  I will optimize your listing for $̶6̶5̶ ... FREE!  The Flathead Guide is now in our third year, and we want to maximize our growth. The faster we grow it, the better we perform in search results - and that benefits you!

We will SEO your listing for search and add the information that mobile visitors want to see - for a one-time fee of only $̶6̶5̶.̶0̶0̶  FREE.  All you need to do is open an account and add the details about your business and I'll take care of the optimizing.

This should be an essential piece of your marketing mix...

The Flathead Guide is an "authority website", meaning that search engines place value on our links pointing to other sites (your listing). In addition to receiving Google's PR3 ranking, we achieved significant milestones:

  • YouTube Channel with over 630,000+ video views
  • Pinterest Followers 1,900+ (one of the largest NW Montana Pinterest boards)
  • Facebook Fans 1,100+ (and counting more every day)
  • Twitter over 840+ (mostly local) followers
  • Our network of related social sites drive significant traffic to the Flathead Guide

The Flathead Guide works!

Our slogan is “Doing Good Things for Flathead Businesses” because that summarizes the benefits we deliver to local businesses. We help them solve their #1 problem – finding new customers and growing their business. There is not a more cost-effective, traffic producing method to promote your business and improve your search results that having a listing in the Flathead Guide. Period!  Read what 'real' customers have to say about the Flathead Guide (see our testimonials).

Facebook Ads vs. the Flathead Guide

Have you tried Facebook marketing (promoting your page or buying ads)? The cost to promote ONE post on Facebook is $5 – $100, or you can spend $4 and have your Flathead Guide listing working for you all month long.  You do business in the Flathead, let the Flathead Valley Business Directory™ help you reach ready-to-buy customersadd your business today!

Is this the "be-all, end-all" of Internet marketing?

Of course not, but it is one of the best things you can do to help boost your website in search results because of the value of the link to your site from our ‘Local Authority’ website. And, because of our local marketing efforts, many customers will see your listing and contact you without ever visiting your website.

Helping my local customers improve their rank in search engines was one of the motivating factors behind the launch of the Flathead Guide. We needed strong 'local' links to jumpstart our local client's SEO campaigns and launching a local business directory was the best solution.

As a result. the Flathead Valley Business Directory has grown to become a popular local authority website. A listing offers businesses the right link and a professional business presentation that functions like a stand-alone mini-website. Plus, it is optimized for search and is 100% mobile friendly.

The Flathead Guide costs less than lunch at a fast food restaurant (or a box of cereal). Compare that to the lifetime value of just one new customer and what you pay for other advertising!

The Flathead Guide really is the #1 Promotional Value!

Add your business listing to the Flathead Guide!



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